9 Surprising Things That Can Harm Your Skin!

Last Updated on May 17, 2020

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The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it can signal if anything is wrong with your health. Your lifestyle, your skincare routine, your diet, your stress levels, everything can impact the aspect of your skin.

What maybe you don’t know is that there are small habits that affect your skin as well. We compiled the opinions of many different specialists, and in this article, we tell you all about 9 surprising things that can be harmful to your skin.


1. Your Sweat Can Be Your Skin’s Enemy

If you allow sweat to sit on your body for a long time, there is a chance it will attract several types of bacteria, clogging your pores.

As a result, you might experience an acne breakout, especially on your back and shoulders. If you just exercised or engaged in an activity that has led you to sweat, take a shower, even if it’s quick. Rinse the sweat off and avoid skin problems.

2. Your Smartphone Device Might Clog Your Pores

If you press it against your skin, You wash your face, you wash your hands, but do you wash your phone? It harbors all sorts of germs and bacteria, which are skin irritants, and when you pick up the phone and press it against your face, you end up with clogged pores.

To preserve your skin’s health, you can either clean your phone properly and disinfect it with alcohol, you can use it less often, or you can choose to use earbuds when talking on the phone.

3. Hair Conditioner Can Be Causing Your Back Acne

If you have big hair, hair conditioner is a vital part of your beauty routine, but even though it can do wonders for your hair, it can do the opposite for your skin.

If you have back acne and it happens to fall along the lines of your hair, be sure to rinse it out properly, or maybe even tie your hair when you are applying this beauty product. Plus, check the label to see if you find any possible allergic reactions.



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