Here Is How Your Pillow Could Be Ruining Your Health!

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels

Last Updated on February 27, 2021

Your sleeping habits have quite a huge effect on your health. It goes beyond the dark circles under your eyes and the fact that you feel tired throughout the day. But it isn’t just about the number of hours you sleep at night but also about the quality of your sleep. And did you know that your choice of pillow can be determinant when it comes to the quality of your sleep? Yes, that is right. It’s about much more than simply choosing a comfortable pillow. And to help you make the right choice, we are going to tell you all about how your pillow affects your health. You will be surprised how a good quality pillow can be such a game-changer!

1. You Know That Stubborn Neck Pain? Yeah…

If you bend your head for extended periods of time, chances are you will experience a certain level of discomfort. While you sleep, and due to your preferred sleeping position, your head will bend a certain way. Hence you should choose your pillow accordingly. If you are more comfortable sleeping on your side, go with a steadier pillow. It will provide all the support your neck needs, keeping it from bending to the sides too much. But if you prefer to sleep on your stomach, a softer pillow will be better for you, since it will not push your head back. Last but not least, a firm pillow is definitely the best option for people who find their comfort sleeping on their back. So, if that’s your case, you know what to do! There is no such thing as pillows for bad necks or a best pillow for neck pain. But there are pillows that accommodate your sleeping position, and that’s what you should think about when choosing yours.

2. And Do You Experience Back Pain As Well?

If you suffer from spine problems, choosing an appropriate mattress can be life changing. But picking a nice pillow can also help quite a lot. Because your pillow provides support to your neck, shoulders and head, your choice of pillow can have a great influence on your back problems. If you aren’t properly aligned while you sleep, your back pain might become worse. A flat pillow is the best option for people who sleep on their stomach, since it will help ease any discomforts on your lower back. If you are a side sleeper, go with a higher pillow, to keep your spine aligned with your neck and your head. If you normally sleep on your back, a pillow that supports your neck’s natural curving is the ideal option.


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