5 Ways Smoothies Are Ruining Your Diet?


Last Updated on March 8, 2021

Many diets nowadays include those miracle fruits and veggie juices widely known as smoothies. However, what too many people don’t take into consideration is the fact that high-calorie smoothies will still get you to gain weight, even if they are packed with delicious and nutritious ingredients.

Should You Be Having Smoothies For Breakfast?

If you are trying a weight loss smoothie diet, of course, you can have smoothies for breakfast. But you need to be sure that your breakfast smoothies are packed with a balance of nutrients, carbs, healthy fats, and protein. One of the many benefits of smoothies is the fact that you get to keep the fiber from the fruits and vegetables, which makes them more filling and better for your health when compared to juices. For your diet to be effective, you must find a healthy smoothie recipe that incorporates protein powder, as you should be consuming between 20 and 30 grams of protein in each meal. Be sure to choose a protein powder-free from artificial sweeteners. If you don’t like making your smoothies, always read the labels to be aware of the calorie count. Can Smoothies Be As Good For Your Health As Fruit? They can be, but it all depends on how you make them. If you use fruit juice as a base for your smoothie, then there is a chance you are adding too many calories and way too much sugar. The appropriate amount would be two servings of fruit for smoothie – this way, you can reap all the beneficial antioxidants without the risk of gaining weight. Are Green Smoothies Good For You? If you are one of those picky people who don’t enjoy vegetables, incorporating them into smoothies can be a great hack to force you to eat healthier. Your best options are the amazing leady greens, like spinach, for example. A couple of leaves are enough to give your smoothie a boost of vitamin K and A. If you still have trouble with the flavors, you can spice up the mix by adding some spices like cinnamon, turmeric, or cardamom, for example.


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