7 Signs Your Neck Can Send To Warn You About Your Health!

#1 – Noticeable neck lump at the base



A lump on the neck — also called neck mass — could be the indication that something is wrong with your thyroid. It usually indicates that you can see your thyroid gland and you should not be able to.

These nodules are generally inoffensive, but they can be a manifestation of a more significant disease like cancer or autoimmune disease. Also, the thyroid is linked with several diseases but in this case, we will focus on this one.

Thyroid nodule symptoms may manifest via coughing, hoarseness, throat or neck pain and trouble swallowing and breathing. What lumps on your neck really mean something that you should always clarify with your doctor; he will also be able to indicate if we are in the presence of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.




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