10 Easy Things You Can Do To Reduce Air Pollution

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Do you ever wonder about how the world would look like 10 years from now? Upon asking this question, the first idea that would pop up in your mind is likely that the world would be more advanced.

It would be likely the case, but the bad news is that the world would be dying for the irrational depletion of resources by guess who? It is US! We are the plague that is killing earth!

It is September, which is the month that celebrates the appreciation of earth and calls to action to reduce pollution par excellence. Conferences are worldwide convened. Yearly, World Environment Day is celebrated as well as Earth Day, yet it is very doubtful that someone actually cares.

Air pollution is on the top list of factors, affecting climate. If you check the polluting countries on the air pollution map, you would realize that only few exceptions are included. The sources of air pollution are known, and air pollution facts are striking as well. It is your role to help reduce air pollution in the 10 day-to-day ways.





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