This is a List of 10 Health Changes You Need to Make in Your 40s

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Reaching the 40s is a big milestone for anyone. It is also a huge milestone for your health, which you need to take very good care of it. Health care at this stage in life is essential because the body become susceptible to many hazards.

Women’s health needs attention, especially that the likelihood of them getting breast cancer increases, and men’s health needs attention as well, as they become susceptible to heart disease and some other conditions.

Mental health is also very important; therefore, you should not let that mid-life crisis to get a hold of your head. If you allow it, it will eat you from the inside.

For this and the other reasons, a whole health change becomes in order as soon as you turn 40; otherwise, you can suffer some very grave consequences.

1. Go Easy on Yourself


Health changes, especially the negative ones, are inevitable once you turn 40. However, you need to make sure that you go easy on yourself and not stress about it. After all, the world has not ended for you!

If your eyes fail and your sleeping become erratic, don’t become depressed. Accept the changes and start to change your health system to a balanced, body-nurturing one. You will notice the difference in no time.

2. Get Enough Sleep


During this time in your life, it is important that you get your fill of sleep. That means sleeping between 7 and 9 hours every night. Not only will your eating habits become tamed, but your productivity will increase as well.

If you’re having some sleep problems, try listening to some sleep sounds as soon as you go into bed. If that doesn’t work, try doing sleep meditation. You will find that it can do wonders for you!


3. Drink Water a Lot


Most of your body is composed of water. Naturally, it needs water to stay well-balanced; therefore, you need to supply it with enough water and in large quantities, especially at your 40s. Water is essential for keeping your energy levels high and for kidneys to function properly.

Moreover, water helps you keep your metabolism high, preventing you from gaining weight. It is also good that you consider doing a water detox; your body will thank you!

4. Lift Some Weights

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The benefits of exercise exist for all ages. In fact, you should make exercising a staple in your life before and after you turn 40—especially after you turn 40! As your metabolism slows, which makes losing weight in your 40s hard, you are likely to gain a lot of weight.

Therefore, you need to hit the gym and start lifting weights. That is right! Weight lifting has been proven to be an effective weight loss exercise for people above 40.

5. Eat Protein

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A high protein diet is essential for people who have turned 40. You need protein because you start to lose muscle mass, and such a diet is a great way to bring some of it back. Make sure, therefore, that you stack up on eggs, chicken, and fish, which are great sources of protein.

Another way to get your need of protein every day is to drink some protein shakes (with your weight lifting, maybe) and munch on some protein bars in the morning.

6. Do a Breast Checkup


A big culprit that threatens women’s health in their 40s is breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness campaigns make sure to remind middle-aged women of the necessity of checking their breasts for any lumps at the doctor’s.

More importantly, if you notice any signs of breast cancer, however minor, you need to consult the doctor as soon as you can get your hands on the phone’s dial pad. Women, please be safe!


7. Take Care of Your Heart


Your heart is a very important organ for the body to function properly. Any heart problems, such as heart failure, can render you inactive and can probably lead to death, God forbid!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women; therefore, they need to be especially careful and consult a heart doctor once they turn 40. More importantly, they need to undergo yearly checks ups for their hearts. Men should undergo such screenings as well, which lower the chance of them heart attacks.

8. Quit Smoking


Quitting smoking can be a hard thing to do, but it really important when you reach your 40. If you refuse to do so, you will be doing your body a huge disservice.

The health risks smoking imposes on your body are no joke; therefore you need to reconsider your choices. Once you quit smoking, you will immediately notice positive effects. Your lungs, kidneys, and bladder will be all the better for it!

9. Take Care of Your Skin

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Your skin, that obvious thing about you, needs attention once you hit that 40 years mark. Skin health is an essential thing to look after during this period of your life, as the skin becomes more susceptible to abnormalities.

Go to your skin doctor and have him or her do a full check up on your skin. He or she will know if that mole is harmless or harmful, especially that developing new moles in the 40s is not considered a normal thing.

10. Take Care of Your Eyes


Your eye doctor should see more of you once you turn 40. Your eye health is especially at risk at this age. Your near vision starts to weaken which necessitates wearing glasses. Moreover, your eyes may lose their ability to focus on things up close.

To tackle this, you need to see an eye doctor who will prescribe some reading glasses for you. Furthermore, make sure that you do a yearly check-up on your eyes at the doctor’s.

Turning 40 is an exciting thing in one’s life. Some people welcome it, even love it; others do not welcome it and hate it completely. Either way, it is a life-changing experience for everyone.

It makes people reconsider many aspects of their lives, their health included. Therefore, if you’ve just turned 40, reconsider your health choices now!
Before you go, tell us in the comments below about when you turned 40. What did you feel at first?



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