Top 7 Best Self-Massage Routines For Pain Relief

Last Updated on November 29, 2020

There are times when a person wants to get home and disconnect from the outside world to forget the problems of daily life, and the pain felt in the body. Isn’t it the same with you? Isn’t there a time when you feel pain in all regions of the body? This is more common than you might think, and self-massage is an excellent solution. How to reduce body pain naturally? This is what we are going to show you next by introducing the top 7 best self-massage routines for pain relief in your body.

1. Massage Your Nose – Open Your Sinuses And Airways

One of the best self-massage routines is when you massage your nose. This will allow you to open your sinuses and airways, which will make breathing through your nose more natural. This self-massage is very easy to do, as you don’t need to use any tools other than your fingers. Therefore, close your eyes and run your thumbs along the tip of your nose to relieve pressure from that area. Rub this area gently, make lateral movements to follow the line of the eyebrows, and, in the end, make circles on the cheeks. The face massage benefits of this natural treatment are enormous, as they will make you breathe better and feel in harmony with your body.

2. Massage Your Gums – Get Rid Of Bacteria

Another way to relieve pain in the body, namely the face area, is when you do a self-massage to your gums. The idea of putting your hands to your mouth does not attract the sympathy of many people, since it is in the hands where the biggest dirt and impurities are found, being, therefore, an anti-hygienic act. But the benefits of gum massage are enormous, especially for oral health. By massaging your gums, you are relieving pain in your face and preventing plaque from forming inside your mouth. With your index finger completely disinfected – some prefer to use hospital gloves or dental floss to perform this cleaning procedure. You need to massage your gums from top to bottom and in circular movements to start feeling the pressure relief. Please note that if you start to feel uncomfortable pain, you should immediately stop doing this self-massage. Otherwise, you may have inflamed gums, and that is not what you want. Train Chewing Muscles Also, in relation to the face and the pains you may feel in that region, you can and should train the muscles of mastication to relieve pain in the jaws. That way, you can use a pencil, a pen, or even a wooden spoon and place the respective object between teeth. After placing the object between teeth, you should start to move the jaw from side to side back and forth. Do sets of 12 and change objects so that the exercises are not monotonous.


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