This is how music affects your brain

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

Photo by Burst from Pexels Over the last century, music has evolved and changed immensely, not only as an art but also as a business. During this process, it became massified. So much so that nowadays, it is an absolutely democratic art form. It follows us everywhere: at trivial moments, like in the car on our way to the workplace, during a jog, or in the shower, or at crucial moments in our lives, like at weddings, funerals, or in celebrations with our loved ones. Like any other type of art, music holds tremendous power. But its immediacy distinguishes it from other arts. That’s why this cultural phenomenon has had and continues to have such a huge impact on our lives and in the course of History. Among other things, it can contribute to our development as human beings, shape our personalities, function as a way to express ourselves, and it can also bring people together. Its power has always fascinated researchers in various fields, who have extensively studied the impact of music on the human brain. Let’s see what the benefits of listening to music are and what effects it can have on our minds.

1. Music increases focus and concentration

For many people, the very first thing to do when they get to work is precisely to put on headphones or turn on the radio to listen to music. It reduces distractions and improves focus, especially while performing practical tasks that are clearly defined and repetitive. Several studies have shown that workers from different fields of activity are more productive, efficient, motivated, and happy when they work while listening to music. It’s not by chance that so many people use background music to focus. It’s worth mentioning that these positive effects are even more pronounced when the person chooses the music they are listening to. So, if you want to be more productive and increase concentration during your intensive studying sessions, prepare a playlist in advance with your favorite songs. Just make sure those songs are not too distracting and won’t make you jump out of your chair to do some dancing – also, don’t listen to songs that you are not familiar with; otherwise, your brain will focus on them instead of focusing on the task at hand.


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