9 Simple Solutions for Stinky Feet


Last Updated on March 12, 2021

© pexels Stinky feet is not a particularly pleasant topic, but it’s something that needs to be addressed to ensure your wellbeing and that of the people around you. While foot odor can be quite uncomfortable, the good news is that you can easily work your way around it.  There are some things you can do to succeed on your quest of finding out how to get rid of foot odor and we will guide you through each and every single one of them!

9. Change your shoes often

While living a minimalistic lifestyle is the best way to preserve our planet and to reduce our levels of consumerism, having just one pair of shoes can be a bit extreme. Shoes are a tight, moisty prison for your feet. If you don’t give your shoes a chance to dry out, the outcome of sweating inside a sweaty shoe can be… outrageous. You will end up with terrible foot odor, which can result in some annoyingly embarrassing situations. It is vital to allow your shoes to dry between uses. Let them sit in a well-ventilated room, or even by the window, and avoid storing them in closed spaces as soon as you take them off. 

8. What about a foot soak?

A foot bath can be all you need to get rid of any nasty odors that seem to linger on your feet. This specific soak is an amazing home remedy capable of killing all the fungus and bacteria responsible for all the strong smells that keep haunting you. All you need to do is mix ½ cup of Epsom salt with ten drops of tea tree oil and 1 cup of ACD. Add 2 quarts of warm water into a foot bath followed by the previous mix. Soak your feet for about thirty minutes then dry them properly before putting your shoes on. If your situation is too severe, use only one-quarter of water and repeat this process twice a day – once in the morning and again before bedtime. 

7. Be sure to keep your feet dry

It’s important to have clean feet, but do you know what is just as important? To dry them properly. Whether it’s after showering, bathing, or doing a foot soak, it is crucial that you remember to dry your feet thoroughly. Pay special attention to the tiny areas between your toes and underneath them as well. A moisty environment is a haven for fungus and bacteria, and those are the main causes of bad odor on your feet. 


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