7 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat In Winter (And Why)

Last Updated on February 27, 2020

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Winters can be really tough. At least for those who don’t live in tropical regions. They are cold, rainy, and windy. The days get shorter and the natural light is more scarce, and people become sick more easily. And all of this can have a negative impact on your overall mood; no wonder the vast majority of people love spring and summer so much.

It is, therefore, especially important to take good care of your mind and body to mitigate the adversities of the winter season. That means adjusting your diet to strengthen your immune system and avoid foods that are bad for the common cold, for example. Because if you make the right choices, the winters will become a lot easier to endure.

Here are 7 foods not to eat during winter!


1. Dairy products

The debate on the consumption of dairy products (milk in particular) has been very intense in recent times. While some experts argue that milk is an essential source of calcium for your body, others argue that its consumption is unnatural, harmful and that people should opt for other products.

Yet, everyone agrees that milk consumption should be avoided during the winter.

But why is drinking milk bad in winter? Milk causes phlegm (and thickens the already existent phlegm), a liquid secretion in the respiratory tract during disease and inflammation that contains viruses, bacteria, and inflammatory cells. So, if you have a cold, drinking milk will increase the irritation in the throat and make you feel worse.

2. Red meat

Red meat is tasty, flavorsome, and an important source of protein. For reasons of health and environmental concerns, we should always try to limit the consumption of this type of meat. As you know, cattle farming and all the industry around it is highly polluting.

Red meat is also one of the foods you shouldn’t eat when you have a cold due to its very high protein content. Too much protein can cause a build-up of mucus in your throat and aggravate your symptoms. Opt for white meats and fish.



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