10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Drink Coffee


Last Updated on November 26, 2020

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While some people like the taste of coffee and drink it out of habit, others find it quite impossible to skip drinking it, especially in the mornings! They consider it as the morning buzz that provides them with all the needed energy that will help them stay active and awake during the day!

So, whether you belong to the first or the last category, you have surely wondered what happens to your body when you gulp down your morning mug, right? Well, be prepared to feel even better about your coffee addiction when you find out the health benefits you get from drinking it!

Note: to lessen the health benefits you get from drinking coffee, you’d better opt for pure and organic coffee without added artificial flavors.

#1 – Coffee Can Improve Blood Flow

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According to a study that was recently published in the journal PLOS ONE, drinking coffee has a relaxing effect on the arteries, which improves blood flow to the male’s private part.

The study also reveals that men who consume about 2 to 3 cups of black coffee on a daily basis are less likely to suffer erectile dysfunction. Therefore, they have a better and a happier intimate life! So, darlings, don’t forget to brew two cups of this drink of happiness tomorrow morning!

#2 – Coffee Can Make You Live Longer

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Another study that was conducted by a group of public health researchers in Harvard School have analysed the diet and coffee consumption of more than 250,000 Americans who are all over 28 years old and surprisingly found that the non-smokers that drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee on a daily basis were 15% less likely to die from certain diseases.

This could only mean one thing: Coffee could ward off the reaper!

#3 – Coffee Can Reduce Your Anxiety Levels

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Drinking coffee can reduce your anxiety levels and make you feel good during the day! According to some studies and researchers, coffee is found to stimulate the production of dopamine, which is one of those chemicals that are responsible for your happiness.

It is, in fact, a feel-good chemical that elicits feelings of contentment. So, yes, all you need is a cup of coffee to make you feel better ! However, don’t let your coffee habit becomes a slave to your daily worries and preoccupations.

#4 – Coffee is good for your heart

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According to a study conducted by Harvard researchers, drinking coffee is very good and healthy for the heart. In fact, the study reveals that coffee drinkers have a 10% decreased risk of death from cardiovascular diseases.

However, it’s good to note that adding the creamer to your coffee cups is definitely not a good idea. The creamer is highly packed with trans-fats that can lead to a dramatic increase of cholesterol levels and put you at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. So, next time you prepare or order your cup of coffee, make sure you keep the creamer away.

#5 – Coffee Can Be Used A Natural Exfoliator

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You may drink coffee for that morning buzz, rich aroma, and the comforting warmth. But you should never toss those coffee grounds away when your pot is empty as you can use them to make an excellent facial and body exfoliant.

Gently massaging them into your skin can help you get rid of dead skin cells and give you a smooth, soft, and healthy looking skin. That’s not everything as coffee grounds are also found to minimize the appearance of cellulite, stimulate blood flow, and even tighten your skin.

#6 – Coffee Can Quickly And Effectively Reduce Pain

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According to WebMD, caffeine is the most effective natural drink that can help you get rid of splitting headaches and speed pain relief. In fact, coffee is found to be 40% more effective in treating headaches and in speeding the body’s reaction to medication. The latter fact can, therefore, perfectly explains why many OTC headache medications contain caffeine.

#7 – Coffee Will Make You Feel Positive

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Many studies and researchers, including this one, expose that participants who consumed at least one cup of coffee a day had a 36% lower rate of suicide and this number includes both smokers and non-smokers.

However, studies couldn’t yet determine whether this low suicide rate is as a result of coffee itself or it’s just that many coffee drinkers have a common lifestyle.

One theory suggests that maybe caffeine is the main factor and that’s because it’s found to stimulate the release of dopamine chemical, which is also known as the happiness hormone, according to the report.

#8 – Coffee Is Good For Your Brain

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Coffee not only make you happy but it is also found to be good and healthy for the brain. According to a study, coffee drinkers are found to be between 9 and 37 % less likely to die from neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and dementia.

However, studies couldn’t prove anything so far but they assume that coffee’s caffeine might be one of the factors!

#9 – Coffee Helps You Burn Calories Fast

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Coffee boosts your metabolism, which makes it the best drink to opt for when you plan to lose weight. According to a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, drinking a cup of black coffee before a workout is a very good choice.

Also, the study reveals that cyclists who took a caffeine supplement were more capable of riding a mile farther than those who didn’t.
However, remember to seek moderation in everything you do, eat, or drink, otherwise, it could work against you!

#10 – Coffee Can Make Your Feet Smooth And Soft Like Those Of A Baby

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According to a spa director, Carolyn Doe, a combination of antioxidant-rich coffee and coconut oil is the best DIY natural moisturizer that will help you get rid of dead skin cells and repair the rough skin.

All you need to prepare this magical recipe, you need 1 cup of virgin coconut oil, half a cup of your coffee grounds, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. Blend all the ingredients together and gently scrub your feet for some couple of minutes.



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