What Could Happen To Your Body If You Stop Eating Fat


Last Updated on March 31, 2021

6. You’ll Ingest More Carbs Than The Ones You Need

According to some nutritionists, when you drastically reduce the ingestion of fat, you’ll surely fill up your body with more carbohydrates than the ones your body needs. This will not only be very unhealthy, it will also make you gain a lot of weight, even if you’re exercising. And remember what I’ve said before about your metabolism slowing down? Eating excess carbs with a slow metabolism to burn them will ruin all your fitness goals!

7. Say Hello To High Level Of Sugar In Your Blood

Read Christy Shatlock (a well-known nutritionist from bistroMD). Eating too many carbs without eating the correct amount of fat will make your body unable to have stable blood sugar levels. And you know what high blood sugar levels mean? Increased risk of diabetes and the need for insulin shots for the rest of your life. To prevent that, make sure you have good fat in your meals.

8. Your Hormone Levels Will Decrease

If you’re feeling a low libido, depression, loss of muscle mass, that may mean you’re not eating enough fat. This happens because when you take away good fats from your diet, your hormone levels will decrease, especially testosterone. Another thing you may also experience is lower bone density.

9. Your Triglycerides Will Fly High

Triglycerides are a kind of fat in your blood. They are produced when your liver converts excess sugar into fat. This said, and remembering what I’ve said previously about how your blood sugar can get very high. It’s easy to understand that your blood veins will end up blocked with sugar and fat! This is all you need to have a heart attack, a stroke, some heart disease, or diabetes. Before you decide to cut off your fat from your diet, talk to a physician first!


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