This is What Will Happen to You When you Stop Showering

#1 – Your Skin Will Be Damaged



Showering excessively once to twice a day can disrupt the skin barrier, which may eventually lead to irritation and inflammation of the skin surface. Too much of a good thing is also a bad thing, right! But how about if you don’t shower at all or you only shower a little. Do you think it is good for your overall health and appearance?

Well, guess what? Not taking a bath regularly can not only make your skin full of pimples and blackheads but will also damage your skin and cause you some gnawing skin diseases such as eczema, which will result in the form of inflamed skin patches that are intensely itchy, red, cracked, and rough. In some severe cases, even fluid Blisters may sometimes occur.

In addition to this, your skin may also develop a layer of brownish plaque which is scientifically known as dermatitis neglect. The latter skin condition develops from the lack of hygiene and the accumulation of oil, sweat, and bacteria on the skin.

Surely, you don’t wanna experience none of these skin conditions! Washing your skin adequately is, therefore, essential to get rid of germs and grease, and also remove the dead skin cells and all the other agents that can build up on the skin.
So, should you not forget to hop in the shower!





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