This is What to Do if You Disagree with Your Doctor

#1 – The Diagnosis


A doctor only makes diagnoses after taking several important aspects of health into consideration (besides a physical exam), including symptoms, medical history, risk factors for disease, family medical history, medical test results, and medical imaging.

Then, he or she interprets the information and provides the patient with the results. You may disagree with your doctor’s diagnosis due to a gut feeling or probably because you know there are other causes than what the doctor suggested.

In many cases, patients disagree with their doctor because they’ve read different things on the internet, and so, they come in with conclusions rather than symptoms.

In fact, those Google searches can be a positive thing for healthcare practitioners, especially if it was about a rare condition or in case the doctor was an expert on a different subject.

However, such searches can backfire when patients take out-of-context information and ask for inappropriate diagnostic tests.

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