You Need to Stop Eating Tomatoes for the Following Health Reasons

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A fruit-turned-vegetable, tomatoes are awesome to eat. They are delicious, mostly sweet, and make salads tastier. Moreover, we love to try tomato soup recipes all the time. However, tomato soup is not all the time great to eat, and this is for purely health reasons.

One, they are mostly sprayed with pesticides, which is dangerous in itself; and two, there are some health issues that are associated with eating tomatoes, and these you need to know about:

with some people, eating tomatoes can, for example, cause them urinary bladder problems, joint pain, allergic reactions, and acid reflux.

If you’re a tomato fan, you need to keep reading this article to know in detail about the health issues that eating tomatoes can cause a person.

1. Acid Reflux


Acid refluxes happen because of increased acidity levels, and tomatoes are very acidic. If you eat too many tomatoes at once or eat too much tomato sauce, you risk incurring health issues that are related to the digestive system—in this case, acid reflux.

Suffering from that will make you annoyed at all times and looking for an acid reflux treatment. Here’s an idea: Why don’t you eat fewer tomatoes and have that be your acid reflux remedy.

2. Joint Pain

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Joint pain is another byproduct of eating tomatoes—not in all people, of course. In general, excessive eating of tomatoes causes knee joint pain, for example, because of the high level of an alkaloid in tomatoes called solanine.

This substance causes calcium to build up in tissues, which means that inflammation will occur. To avoid any swelling and have some joint pain relief consider eating fewer tomatoes. If you do suffer from joint pain, cut the tomatoes altogether.


3. Kidney Issues

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Your kidneys are another lost victim to a diet full of tomatoes. In addition to containing solanine, tomatoes also contain oxalate, which can cause you kidney stones if consumed in excess, because it is not easily metabolized.

To make matters worse, tomatoes are full of a substance called potassium which has the ability to hinder the normal functionality of your kidneys. Therefore, if you already suffer from kidney issues, make sure to stay away from tomatoes.

4. Allergic Reactions


An allergic reaction rash on your hands or an allergic reaction on the face can happen very easily with people that eat too many tomatoes.

The cause behind allergic reactions is a compound called histamine, which gives your immune system the signal to attack foreign invaders, which translates to the allergic reaction symptoms, such as the swelling of the tongue, which people normally exhibit. If you tend to get seasonal allergies, eat fewer tomatoes.

5. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


If you have the annoying irritable bowel syndrome, then eating tomatoes can help trigger all the unpleasant symptoms. Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms include diarrhea, gas, bloating, constipation, and painful cramps.

It is never a pleasant thing to feel at all. Therefore, you need to cut down on the tomatoes if you have such a condition—don’t let eating tomatoes be one the irritable bowel syndrome causes!

6. Lycopenodermia

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This condition, which exhibits itself as a discoloration of the skin, happens when a substance called lycopene becomes abundantly present in the body. This substance, which is a pigment—hence, the discoloration—is present in tomatoes.

When consumed in moderate amounts, it can be beneficial to the body. However, as soon as the consumption becomes excessive, Lycopenodermia exhibits itself. Make sure, therefore, that you eat tomatoes in moderate amounts.


7. Urinary Problems

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Urinary bladder problems are very common among people who eat too many tomatoes. As we have mentioned earlier, tomatoes are highly acidic, and this has the ability to irritate the bladder.

Therefore, if you tend to have urinary problems from time to time, we recommend that you stay away from eating any tomatoes or eating them moderately and in smaller amounts. Make sure, moreover, to avoid ketchup and tomato sauce!

8. Poisoning


Yes, you read that right! To be more specific, the leaves of tomatoes can be poisonous to some people, especially if they were consumed in large quantities.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you skip any tomato recipe that incorporates tomato leaves. The symptoms they can lead to are very annoying and severe. Furthermore, consuming tomato leaves can lead even to death sometimes. Therefore, make sure that you steer clear from eating any tomato leaves.

9. Pesticide Residue

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Almost all tomatoes are sprayed with pesticides. They are in high demand all over the world, making growing them organically and trending to the need of the whole population almost impossible.

As pesticide residue in food is very common, it is very common in tomatoes as well. Unfortunately, they can break your health and even lead to pesticide poisoning in certain situations. Therefore, try very hard to find the organic kind of tomatoes.

10. Autoimmune Disease Symptoms

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As we have alluded to earlier, tomatoes (they belong to the nightshade family) contain alkaloids which are responsible for making cases of inflammation in the body very dire.

This is not so good for people who suffer from autoimmune diseases. If you happen to be one of these people, make sure that do not anything that belongs to the nightshade family. It seems that not eating tomatoes can work as a mild autoimmune disease treatment!

These have been the conditions, or symptoms, that can be caused by eating excessive amounts of tomatoes. It is okay to eat tomatoes in moderation, just don’t overdo it. More importantly, make sure that you stay away from ketchup and tomato sauce if possible (only if you do suffer from one of the mentioned conditions).

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever had trouble after eating too many tomatoes.



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