Here Are The Worse 7 Foods Than Cigarettes

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‘How to live a healthy life ?’ is the one question to which all answers are clear, but people prefer to ignore facts and choose the wrong path to living longer.

If you take a look at the recent reports on smoking cigarettes facts, you would realize that many people around the world die daily of health problems caused by their smoking addiction. No one would love to dwell on bad facts about smoking if s/he is a smoker, but time will come when the issue should be addressed.

Cigarettes are, in fact, not the only poison that we ingest on a daily basis. The eating habits and foods can indeed have the same worse effects of cigarettes on our health.

Abiding by healthy food choices and having healthy food habits would both lead to an increase in healthy life expectancy. Some of the following foods might be daily consumed by people every day, but they do not know they are more lethal than cigarettes.





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