Cloves Can Do More Good For Your Health Than You Thought!

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Cloves, the dried flower buds that resemble the shape of nails, spice up your soup, sauce, and a variety of dishes such as pumpkin pie and rice dishes. But, seasoning your food is not cloves’ only job!

These warming flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree that is native to Indonesia are quite the hidden gems; they are natural anesthetics and antioxidants, contain antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Cloves are also packed with vitamins C and K, fiber, and manganese.

The spicy buds have the power to relieve your sore throat, keep your blood sugar in check, and treat many more health problems. If you drink one cup of clove tea, add one teaspoon of clove grounds, whole cloves or clove oil to your food, they will work wonders!

#1 – Your remedy for tooth pain

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Cloves have the healing power to relieve you from toothache and prevent gum disease.

When you experience tooth pain, soak cotton with clove oil and apply it to your tooth and gum or rinse your mouth with it because it is antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and contains ingredient eugenol, a natural anesthetic.

Or, you may place a clove on the sore tooth to help numb it until you get to the dentist!

Cloves have been used for centuries as a disinfectant and temporary pain-reliever, and it looks like it still works in the modern age!


#2 – They care for your liver


Cloves are rich with antioxidant components that reduce oxidative stress and help prevent liver disease.

Eugenol, the main bioactive compound in cloves, improves liver function and keeps it healthy, according to medical studies. Still, you should consume cloves in moderation because the eugenol antioxidant also has some toxic components that may backfire.

The key is to ensure a balance in your diet.

#3 – They strengthen your bones and joints


In addition to eugenol, cloves also contain beneficial elements like flavonoids and manganese that may improve the health of your bones and joints by carrying healthy minerals to your bones and increasing bone mass.

Did we mention that cloves are high in essential nutrients that make your bones stronger including vitamin K, omega-3 fatty acids, and manganese? Perhaps you should give it a try, especially if you are under 30 because bone density reaches its peak around that age.

You might as well seize the opportunity!


#4 – They relieve your sore throat


The cloves that relieve you from a toothache are the same ones that fight cough and relieve a sore throat.

Eugenol and anti-inflammatory phenolic compounds in cloves provide for are a natural antibacterial anesthetic and disinfectant for your mouth and throat.

If you want to relieve a sore throat at home and have no medicine on you, chew on a clove and swallow it. The taste might be too strong and bitter for you, but that same bitterness will ease down the soreness in your throat and dry cough.

#5 – They regulate your blood sugar

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Cloves are known to have compounds that promote insulin hormone production inside the body which prevents blood sugar levels from getting too high or too low and control diabetes.

To benefit from cloves to the fullest, try making clove tea by steeping a teaspoon of ground cloves in hot water or mixing it with cinnamon tea to enjoy an exotic, soothing effect.

Like cloves, cinnamon helps boost insulin but also lowers cholesterol and helps against heart disease, so drinking clove and cinnamon tea will be the perfect decision to make for your health!

Cloves are quite the wholesome, reliable plants that make your food and your health better. After all, you are what you eat so you might as well become healthier.




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