6 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Chocolate Every day!

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Is chocolate good for you? Is chocolate healthy? The answer is yes. Chocolate has a lot of benefits for you, not only your body but your mind and well-being too.
Is chocolate bad for you? The answer is also yes.

Everything in large quantities is bad for you. After all, chocolate can cause belly pain, acne, weight gain, and it’s usually big on sugar so it’s not the healthiest thing you can eat but there’s one particular type of chocolate that is actually very healthy (in the right quantities).

Yes, I’m talking about dark chocolate!

We all have heard that dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate. Maybe it’s not the sweetest but it’s still chocolate and tastes like it. But what are the positive effects of chocolate on us? Are there any health benefits of eating dark chocolate every day?

#1 – Get That Blood Flowing

Dark chocolate has antioxidants that make our blood flow more smoothly, this happens because these antioxidants make arteries relax allowing blood to flow easier. Caffeine is also present in chocolate, which means it gives you some energy.

Not as much as a coffee would but if you’re like me and you hate the taste of coffee, chocolate might be a good friend to you. It increases your attention and reaction time by increasing blood flow to the brain.


#2 – Relax, Take It Easy

Did you know that magnesium is a very important mineral we should all acquire? Guess what food is rich on magnesium…that’s right, chocolate. This mineral helps you with your stress by suppressing the release of cortisol (stress hormone).

Most of the time, magnesium is something we’re usually missing, that’s why so many people take it in pill form. But who wants to take pills when you can eat chocolate?

#3 – Drop Those Pounds

Yes, chocolate can help you lose weight. Not because it’s a good combination with your salad but because dark chocolate is not addictive, unlike sweet chocolate.

Dark chocolate tastes great but the chances are you won’t eat much of it because you’ll feel satisfied very quickly. And it’s been proven that eating a little of it can reduce cravings for other foods (especially the bad, unhealthy ones).

#4 – No Heart Diseases Here

Dark chocolate helps raising good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol, so eating dark chocolate from time to time causes less cholesterol to lodge in the arteries making heart diseases less likely over time.

But don’t forget, a small quantity of chocolate is enough and the best for you to benefit without having any consequences. But remember chocolate isn’t a medicine it won’t cure or prevent anything. It simply helps your body.


#5 – No Sunburns

Chocolate can function as a sun protector. A lot of studies show that women that ate chocolate with high flavanol content were able to burn less or not burn at all compared to other women that didn’t eat or ate on lower doses.

So good news! Chocolate helps with the UV lights but sunscreen is always a must, chocolate only helps you a little.

#6 – Happiness

This one is very relatable. It seems like every time you eat chocolate you suddenly feel better, you’re more awake, energetic, and just overall happier. Chocolate also functions as a natural antidepressant, but all this happens because of the content of the chocolate but also because of your brain.

Psychology plays a big part in this, you’re happy because you’re eating something you like and tastes wonderful, therefore you’re happy when you’re eating it and satisfied after you do.

Fun fact: Did you know dark chocolate contains a certain compound (boring name: phenylethylamine) or also known as the “love drug” because it makes your brain feel a certain “buzz” similar to when someone who is in love would feel around that special person. Isn’t that amazing?

You can be single and still feel like you’re in love, but be careful, eating too much chocolate in one day might sound like a good idea until you start hearing those weird sounds from your tummy.

So we already know the effects of eating chocolate but did you know what chocolate does to your skin? I’m not talking about eating chocolate but using it as a moisturizer for your skin or hair mask is actually not a bad idea at all.

It protects and soothes your skin because chocolate is a natural anti-inflammatory, and cocoa is the best edible source of antioxidants you can get, it’s also rich in flavonoids, so vitamins A, B1, C, D and E you got it!

It’s also suitable for all hair types and promotes hair growth, so if you recently messed up by cutting your hair too short just grab some dark chocolate and you’ll get over it really soon.

So next time, don’t feel guilty for eating a little bit of chocolate every now and then, after all, it’s for your own health.




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