11 Superfoods People Over 50 Should Be Eating!

#1 – Beef, turkey, salmon or tofu


The superfood list for people over 50 should start with a good base of high protein foods. However, the amounts of foods the elderly should eat must not be overstated. Usually, 85 grams of meat or fish provide about 50% of the daily protein requirement.

Salmon is, for example, a superfood rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids. The introduction of this food into your diet lowers blood pressure and prevents the risk of suffering a heart attack. It is rich in vitamins B6, B12, D, selenium, potassium, and choline.

Be careful not to insert too much protein in your diet as it may overload the functioning of your kidneys. This happens when you add protein supplements to a diet that is already abundant in protein by itself.

The foods that have the highest concentrated sources of protein are:

• Beef.

• Cheese.

• Chicken.

• Turkey.

• Eggs.

• Salmon.

• Milk.

• Pork.

• Tofu.

• Among others.




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