What Happens When You Sleep Too Much

Hypersomnia Or Oversleeping: Which One Is A More susceptible?

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Hypersomnia, which is the clinical term for oversleeping, was strongly linked to depression and socioeconomic status, according to WebMD.Surprisingly many health side effects that occur due to oversleeping were also related to other health issues that could derive from low socioeconomic status, including, depression and limited access to healthcare.

Hypersomnia Symptoms :
Here are some common signs that could indicate that you have Hypersomnia :

• Sleeping beyond 9 hours a day.

• Have difficulty to get out of bed early in the mornings.

• Unable to fully concentrate during the day.

• Feeling constantly groggy during waking hours.

Negative Side Effects Linked To Hypersomnia

If you have one of these symptoms or all of them, don’t hesitate to see your doctor to fix the issue and see what the right treatment you need to get well soon!
Neglecting these symptoms can put your health in danger! So the sooner you act, the better!

#1 – Diabetes

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According to several studies, there is a very clear-cut link between diabetes and less and more sleep. People who get excessive amounts of sleep, as well as those who only sleep a little, are found to be more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

In this case, moderation is definitely the best solution! Ditch your old and bad sleeping habit, sleep for 8 hours( not more or less) and see miracles happening to your health and overall being.




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