How To Tell You’re Unhappy

Have you ever asked yourself about whether you are happy or not? You probably did not until you felt that happiness was fading away gradually from your life. What were you doing back then? Why did you ignore the inner calls of your unhappy soul?

Try to ask these questions although the answers would be useless now. Happiness is what defines your positive attitude toward life; it is what stimulates hope and optimism inside you.

Sometimes, people are really busy, working day and night; they are much concerned about their materialism and forget completely about how they feel. Maybe, what you are doing now hurts you deeply, but you insist on doing it because you don’t pay attention to what you feel.

In fact, with time, you tolerate your discontent and consider it as a part of your personality, whereas it is not.

This is not a healthy way of thinking because this slight unhappiness may turn into depression. But here is a question: how can you tell you are unhappy anyway? You will find out the answer after reading this article.

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