Here Are The 9 Physical Indicators Of Sugar Over-Consumption

#1 – Muscle and Joint Pain


You may enjoy the instant delicious taste of tamarind candy, yet the dire consequences are yet to come as severe health issues. The over-consumption of sugar may surface in the form of joint stiffness, swelling and joint pain.

You will start missing your favorite activities like your morning walks, your Sunday golf matches, and regular gardening activities. These are signs of the inflammation inside your body.

Sugar serves as a stimulator of the inflammatory messengers’ secretion into the blood by your immune cells. The over-consumption contributes to the appearance of more advanced glycation end-products.

As a result, more inflammatory messengers are secreted. This surfaces as arthritis, heart disease, poor memory, and wrinkled skin. You might be prescribed good herbal remedies for arthritis, but the ultimate joint pain solution is avoiding sugar.

Your muscles will suffer for long to the extent that even the best muscle tension relief or muscle pain relief won’t be useful.

#2 – Sweet Craving


As a matter of fact, the sugary foods that you consume need just a little time to be processed. You might feel the instant energy once you eat them, but soon after, you start feeling lazy.

You will start feeling hungry even though you ate a whole pack of donuts half an hour ago. Sugar is like a temporary drug that you need to take otherwise, you will go mad.

In fact, sugary foods produce a substance called dopamine, which makes you feel somehow high like when using addictive drugs. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which the neurons release to react to some sort of the rewarding event that the neurotic system detects.

This is what could keep you in a good mood. Your brain considers sugar as a reward and keeps wanting more and more.



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