9 Of The Best Ways To Make Your Body New Again!

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It is easy to get caught up in consuming unhealthy foods and following bad habits, and that’s because we live in an era when it is much easier and cheaper to be unhealthy than to actually try to be healthy.

Seriously, why would you consider preparing a healthy meal when you can get a cheesy burger with few dollars in a few minutes that taste so much better?

But the untold truth is: Being healthy is the easiest thing ever as long as you are determined to better your body and all of your decisions about it. You can turn your entire life around by incorporating a few simple habits to your daily routine, it will not take any of your time, money or effort.

For example, you can have a healthier gallbladder by adding one extra cup of coffee and whiten your teeth with a single fruit.

We have collected in this article a few simple, affordable, and natural ways that will turn your body into its healthiest state. Like a baby, your great health will be shinning from the inside out!

1.Grape juice for migraines


Migraines can be extremely annoying and will always stand in the way as you try to finish your daily tasks. So instead of keep throwing painkillers down your throat, you can try something more natural to cure them better.

Grape juice is the greatest way to prevent a migraine, and yes, prevent it and not “painkill” it. Basically, migraines are nothing but an imbalance in the brain chemicals, and since grapes are high on vitamins A, C, B2 that can balance them and reduce the iron levels in the blood, then you got yourself the best kind of help.

Before the migraine starts kicking in, rush into getting a fresh glass of grape juice!

2.Salmon for better hair

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A long, shiny, and healthy looking hair is a dream of the majority of people, especially after we wake up and look in the mirror; we immediately wonder when we are going to have a good hair day.

Well, the key doesn’t exist only in the products you put on your hair, but the things you eat as well. Do you like salmon? Your hair does and consuming it will provide beautiful hair that is well hydrated, strong, and long.

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D: These both elements are essential for a hydrated scalp, leading to cleaner and healthier hair follicles, and also, they help the hair grow healthier. So, the more of that delicious fish you eat, the better your hair will be!


3.Weight loss with lemon and salt water

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Lemon water is known to be healthy for you, but we understand that it is not as delicious as a glass of orange juice or even an energy drink, right? So why not mix it up with salt and just hope it will satisfy our taste buds?

The reason why we should combine the two is that they are both magical ingredients that can flush all the toxins out of our bodies while helping it shed a few pounds quickly.

The way it works is pretty easy: it decreases your appetite while increasing your bowel movements. Also, these two ingredients can speed your metabolism up, according to the National Institute of Health.

4.Toothpaste to whiten your nails


Whether you have touched the turmeric while cooking or you have been involved in many dirty activities, your nails can get “dyed” by undesired colors, especially the color yellow. It is actually a natural color, but it is not always a good look.

If you need to get rid of it without actually booking a manicure and spend way too many dollars on it, then you can simply apply some toothpaste on your nails and that would be it. Our teeth are keratin-based just like our nails, and that’s why this trick works perfectly.

Simply, get a clean toothbrush and add a little toothpaste at its tip, then slightly start brushing and scrubbing your nails. Allow it to sit for one minute (or two), then wash your hands.

5.Create your own hair serum

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What you consume is the key to a healthier hair, as we mentioned before, but if you want to go a little further, then we can give you the recipe to a natural hair serum that will give you the hair of your dreams.

What you will need is:

• Castor oil: It contains omega-3 fatty acids, omega-9, and vitamin E that can all penetrate your scalp and moisturize it.

• Avocado oil: The only oil that can penetrate your hairs and moisturize each strand instead of acting as an oily coat. It also helps nourish and protect it from breaking.

• Coconut oil: The master of all oils is capable to protect your hair from any environment change and sun damage while nourishing it.

How to make it:

Get a small container and add 1/3 of all the oils we have mentioned and then shake it very well. Apply on your hair and scalp, massage for about 10-15 minutes, then allow it to sit from 30 to 60 minutes.

Wash your hair as usual then apply any oil to the ends when it is still wet, and that would be it! You should repeat this procedure three times every week for the best results.

6.Schedule your breakfast

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The greatest time to eat your breakfast is 30 minutes after you wake up, or at least within the first hour after opening your eyes.

We have always heard about the horrible effects of missing breakfast, so even when you are not hungry, force yourself into eating at least some fruits or dates. Of course, after you drink the lemon and salt water (it should be right after you wake up).

Basically, your metabolism wouldn’t start working properly until one hour after you wake up, which is why eating before that would prevent you from having heavier meals during the day and you will stay fuller for longer.


7.Drink hydrolyzed collagen!

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One of the things that we can’t really come in terms with is aging, but we start realizing it in our skin when it starts creating all these fine lines and wrinkles that soon will get deeper.

Our desire to keep the “aging” away starts very early when we begin to apply moisturizers, serums, and masks that are rich in collagen, which is the protein responsible for maintaining the glow and tightness of the skin in our 30s.

But the problem is collagen doesn’t penetrate the skin enough to help provide healthier skin, so why not drink it?

According to research, taking collagen as a supplement can slow down aging by 27% while boosting muscle mass, improving bone health, relieving joint pain, and preventing bone loss.

8.A fruit for whiter teeth


Your beautiful smile is the best thing you can wear, many strangers and lovers have told you this before, and that’s why you need to take care of it as much as you can. If your confidence is a little shaky because your teeth seem yellowish, then just go to your kitchen and you will find the food items that have the power to remove the stains.

• Apples are known to be as natural strain removers because they help your mouth produce more saliva that can work as a self-cleaning agent.

• Strawberries are the delicious fruits that can easily remove wine stains, coffee stains, and whitening the teeth.

• Oranges or any other tart fruit have the power to neutralize the mouth’s acidity that leads to tooth decay.

9.Coffee for a better gallbladder


Yes, we understand that coffee is a part of an unhealthy diet, but when it is not mixed with anything and consumed in its purest form, then it is healthy for you: It is nothing bean juice that was made out of water.

The most important benefit of coffee is healthy gallbladder because according to research, the beverage is capable to activate gallbladder contractions due to the caffeine in it. This means the minor crystals will be prevented from turning into large gallbladder stones.

So next time someone says you are addicted to coffee, just tell them you are only trying to help your gallbladder to work better.



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