7 Unexpected Signs Of Heart Issues Women Should Never Ignore

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How would it feel if you have a heart problem that could easily get fixed if spotted early, but you haven’t because you kept ignoring the signs?

If our hearts are dealing with a problem, then the signs will not be silent. We just have to make sure that we are not too blind to see them, or mostly, to ignore them. There are many people who had heart attacks and they didn’t even know it!

However, the symptoms of a heart attack or heart issues are sneaky, and they always strike when you least expect it. Women who are 10 years post-menopause are most likely to experience heart attacks, but also, there are approximately 30,000 women younger than 50 who suffer from heart attacks in the United States.

It is common for early signs of heart disease to be dismissed or to go unnoticed, especially among young women. This is why you need to be aware of all the signs that could indicate a heart issue!

1. Swollen ankles or legs


There is a chance that you have been sitting for a long time to the point your legs got swollen, but also, your heart can also be the issue.

There are many legs bloating causes to worry about, but the most common one could be caused by edema (a.k.a. heart valve problem). This is a common symptom of congestive heart failure, and it is when your heart is incapable to process blood in and out properly, according to experts.

If you noticed that your legs and ankles are getting bloated more often and it is getting severe, then it is time to see a doctor.

2. Headaches

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Everyone is familiar with headaches, so whenever it starts to creep in, we pop a Tylenol or any other headache remedy and we move on. But it is important to understand that severe headaches could be signs of a blood clot or a stroke.

However, headaches alone don’t necessarily mean heart issue, but when it is followed by other symptoms like fatigue, stiffness in your neck, or dizziness, then you might be at risk of developing an aneurysm, which needs medical attention as soon as possible.


3. Exhaustion


It is hard to tell if exhaustion can be caused by a heart issue or something else because there are millions of reasons why we could be feeling tired, like lack of sleep and stress.

But if you are experiencing an abnormal level of fatigue, especially if you are relatively fit but you suddenly feel exhausted after climbing a few stairs, then there is a problem that should be tackled.

Also, if you are feeling that kind of weakness that you experience only when you are sick with the flu, then perhaps your heart is finding difficulty oxygenating the body.

This heart issue symptom can be extremely easy to dismiss, but when it is experienced strangely with other symptoms, then it would be a good idea to check with your doctor.

4. Stomach cramping

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The common belief is a heart issue is always felt in the chest or the left arm directly, but the truth is pain can radiate elsewhere in the body. So when you are experiencing stomach pain for a long time, then perhaps your heart needs attention.

Stomach cramps can be symptoms of heartburn or the flu, but there is still a possibility that your heart is sending your signals through your tummy. In general, if you felt something that you never experienced before, then you have to go to a doctor.

5. Fainting

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The most common cause of fainting is a drop in blood pressure, which can be caused by many things, like a quick change in posture or a medication you are taking.

However, fainting can be a sign of something more serious, like an aortic tear or valve disorder that wouldn’t allow proper blood flow or irregular heartbeat. If you fainted because of an obvious incident, then you don’t have to worry.

But if it became a persistent thing or you are noticing other symptoms with it, then you should seek medication attention.


6. Dizziness


Occasional dizziness is not a cause of concern, like the symptoms we mentioned. For example, we all feel light-headed when we stand up too quickly or if we are not hydrated enough.

Persisted dizziness, however, must be checked by a doctor because it could be one of the artery blockages symptoms or valve issues playing with your blood pressure.

There are many other causes of dizziness, and the majority of them are serious. Schedule a consultation with your doctor as soon as the dizziness becomes constant and abnormal!

7. Upper back pressure

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As we mentioned before, heart attacks are not always felt in the heart. There are many heart attacks sufferers who experienced that same pain in their upper back –As they said, it feels like an elephant sitting on their backs.

In case you feel an overwhelming amount of unbearable pressure on your upper back, then there is a chance you are experiencing a sign of a heart attack.

You need to be aware of everything you experience and feel in your body because any abnormal thing could be an important sign of a dangerous disease that can be treated quicker when detected early!



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