6 Warning Signs Of A Cardiac Arrest That You Need To Know

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It is important to understand illnesses and what we are at risk of having, especially if they are related to our hearts. There are so many people who still don’t know the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack.

They are not even aware of all of their signs. Spotting them earlier can save our lives, which is why it is necessary to understand each one of them:

– A heart attack is when a problem occurs in our circulation. It happens when the blood flows to a blocked artery.

– A cardiac arrest is basically an electrical problem that happens when our heartbeats are thrown off and our hearts are failing to pump blood efficiently, which could lead to instant death if not treated.

According to AHA (American Heart Association), when a person is having a cardiac arrest, he would be gasping for air or stops breathing.

A few months before the cardiac arrest occurs, we experience a few symptoms that we have to pay attention to. It is a necessity to have enough knowledge about this in order to be able to save our own lives and even the life of others.

Here are the 6 warning signs of a cardiac arrest that you need to know. Click on Next to discover them all




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